During my tenure with the Tampa Bay Lightning, I had the pleasure of working on the season ticket packages for two seasons. This was an incredibly large undertaking and took over a month to concept, design, and coordinate through print production.

2009 marked the first season where season ticket holders would receive a wire-bound, full color printed season ticket book. It contained relevant information on the arena, parking, and concessions at the front and tickets to the games at the back. Each page was a unique piece of art that featured a marquee player.

For the 2010 season tickets, we kept the overall size of the book the same to create a consistent layout for years to come, but refined the message and content down to only the critical elements- a 'back-to-basics' approach that coincided with the change of ownership. Each ticket featured action photography from Lightning hockey games. Shots vary and include high-energy action, celebration shots, portraits of players, and photos of fans. 
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